Divina Line

Installation: FLUSH/OVERMOUNT superlux_filo_h42px superlux_sopratop_h42px

Superluxcreates line Divina, a new stylistic expression which draws inspiration from the simple atmospheres of everyday life. Born from a project to create a post-modern and stylish sink with innovative techniques and still unpublished lines Divinais both wisdom and madness at the same time. Madness, because its extreme technology requires an unparalleled dexterity, and wisdom, because result ofpassion for the finest artisan masteries. This represents an unparalleled advantage that the only “engineering” will never add.
The surface completely smooth and streamlined, the refinement of the stainless steel used and the high-tech of construction techniques elevate Divinasinks to the “Master of quality”.
Its line extremely essential and refined in details, the meticulous care of the finishings expresses the quintessence of Superlux thought, placing this collection at the highest levels for quality and style.
Washing centers Divina are characterized by the encashment edge. The special worked and shaped profileallows both installations flush and overmount.
Stainless Steel AISI 304 18/10, 1 mm thickness sinks with 12 mm internal corner radius. Satin Scotch-brite brilliant finishing. External edge of 10 mm radius. Large and deep bowls, 200 mm height. 3 ” 1/2 Drain. Bottom bowl at single slope.