Aeterna Line

Installation: UNDERMOUNT superlux_sottotop 35px

The collection Aeterna, played with elegance and strength, the Italian art and creativity. Its design is a magnificent interpretation of clarity and aesthetic research. High-tech processing technologies shape the 18/10 Stainless Steel into ideal forms, become now an emblem of Superlux, allowing an easy and efficient cleaning. This range epitomizes capably the rigor of an impeccable and functional aesthetic. The sinks Aeternaresolve into very little space all needs.
The different kinds of models allow maximum freedomin the design of the washing zone which is interpreted in a way so different and unique. The series is studied to be placed under the countertop. The lack of borders increases the space available on the countertop, and facilitates hygiene within the kitchen. Sinks of line Aeternaare indicated for those cases where you look forward at all costs to getting a sleek and seductive design. The result is a perfect harmony between sink and worktop.
All bowls and sinks of Aeterna range have a particular narrow board so that they can be cashed out undermount. This facilitates the operations of installation and increases to the maximum the volume and capacity of the bowls.
Stainless Steel AISI 304 18/10, 1 mm thickness sinks with 12 mm internal corner radius. Satin Scotch-brite brilliant finishing. Large and deep bowls, h 200 mm. 3 ” 1/2 Drain. Bottom bowl at single slope.