Naturalis Line

Installation: FLUSH/OVERMOUNT superlux_filo_h42px superlux_sopratop_h42px

Result of an incontestable enrichment of style at design level, Naturalisis the emblem of Italian style reinterpreted with genius.
The new forms, ambassadors of Superluxtalent, guarantee a perfect combination in each kitchen space, embodying the new spirit of conquest that Superlux, at the dawn of the third millennium, was able to give to its products which leave the essence of the simple sink for becoming important elements of furniture. The sinks and bowls Naturalisby Superlux, are characterised by their superior quality and attention to detail, leaving however room for a simple and essential design that fits perfectly in the kitchens of all kinds, exalting handicraft creativity that Superluxknew how to interpret and create.
What else, if not love for art, could give such a form to matter and create objects of absolute purity.
The range of sinks and bowls Naturalis, declined inmany configurations, offers answers to all needs.  The structure of the products gives the opportunity of choice between two installation types: Flush and Overmont.
Stainless Steel AISI 304 18/10, 1 mm thickness sinks with 12 mm internal corner radius. Satin Scotch-brite brilliant finishing. External edge of 10 mm radius. Large and deep bowls, 200 mm height. 3 ” 1/2 Drain. Bottom bowl at single slope.